Citizen Response Measurement is the science of analyzing how constituents respond to policy or political messaging on an emotional level. We combine cutting-edge neuroscience tools with traditional response measures to determine the factors that most strongly influence beliefs and choices.


Bellwether’s research and consulting seamlessly enhance tried-and-true constituent research techniques by offering several distinct advantages.

Emotional Resonance

Traditional polling alone is an insufficient bellwether for actual voting behavior and citizen advocacy.

To optimize communications, it is critical to understand how a message is received at both the cognitive and the emotional level.


“We absorb campaign messaging more as a feeling than as an argument.”

~ Ted Brader

Psychological Analysis

Survey and focus group data are both noisy and susceptible to social desirability bias.

We derive insight by investigating non-conscious reactions to political messaging of both sender and receiver.


Our service provides a much deeper understanding of immediate and nonverbal voter attitudes, beliefs and biases than do traditional means of voter polling.



Advanced Metrics

Welcome to Emotion Polling —applying research design and measures derived from Behavioral Neuroscience into the political and policy-oriented arenas.


Our proprietary measurement and scoring techniques identify how a communication will resonate across different constituent segments at different touch points of the campaign journey.

Narrative Resonance

For 27,000 years, story telling has been one of our most fundamental communication methods.

“The challenge to the future of American campaigns, and hence to American democracy, is how to bring back the brass bands and excitement in an age of electronic campaigning”

~ Samuel Popkin


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