BellScore is our proprietary measurement and scoring technique used to determine how a message will resonate across different constituent segments at different touch points of the campaign or policy impact journey.

The BellScore is a Pictorial-based Implicit Association Task that is administered to parties of interest in order to generate an overall positive and negative emotional profile towards a given candidate or issue. The BellScore is a calculation of net emotional intensity toward the topic and can be either positive or negative. It accounts for variation in emotional reactions for both positive and negative emotions to reflect intensity of emotion toward the subject (for example, US political parties) and direction of emotion, positive or negative. For example, if one group has a strong negative reaction to a party, then their summary score will be negative and vice versa.

EMOTION POLLING IN AND ACROSS PARTY LINES: View study press release here.

Emotional Landscape in and Across Party Lines


“Anguished” and “Restricted”

Poll of Voters' Emotions Reveals a Need to Inspire Hope and Courage in U.S. Stance on Climate Change.

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