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Bellwether Company Overview: Bellwether Citizen Response, with headquarters in Hanover, NH was launched by a group of Behavioral Scientists in 2018, in response to the current critical need to understand and harness the emotional drivers that motivate policy and voting decisions. Operating on the national and regional landscapes, we provide strategic research and consulting to advance positive advocacy and behavior change, including voter behavior.

Mission Statement: Bellwether Citizen Response is an expert-driven research consultancy led by behavioral scientists and researchers who are renowned for their ability to tap into emotion and reason to develop strategies that influences decisions. We offer a full range of behavioral, cognitive and emotional research methods combined with deep experience to generate fast, targeted and effective strategy-oriented solutions. We are driven to help clients successfully achieve goals, communicate and connect with target audiences. Bellwether Citizen Response uniquely leverages sentiment to inform campaigns, policies and social actions. In this way, we aim to facilitate positive change.

Company Focus:  Offer Behavioral Science perspective to leverage research and consulting on citizen emotion, attitudes and beliefs supporting client objectives to advance positive advocacy & behavior change in policy and politics.

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Dr. Kimberly Rose Clark:


Elissa Moses:


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Bellwether Core Services:

•        Segmentation & Targeting                                                         

•        Strategy Development

•        Emotional Profiling

•        Positioning Concept Development

•        Policy refinement

•        Communications Development & Evaluation

•        Journey Mapping

•        Qualitative Exploratory

•        Image (Branding) & Asset Identification/Evaluation

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